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f a flight control software function called MCAS, which responded to erroneous signals from a sensor that measures the airplane's angle of attack, wrote Muilenburg in a written testimony.When asked when he learned of t

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he messages, Muilenburg said, "I believe it was prior to the second crash." It happened about two years after Boeing engineers detected the potential problem. Boeing took no immediate reaction, and to make it worse, Boeing didn't report the messages to the FAA until this month.Senator Roger Wicker said those messages showed a "disturbing level of casualness and flippancy" of Boeing company.In the hearing, senators expressed their dismay about Boeing's safety culture. Senator Marsha Blackburn said it was "disconcerting" that a company chief attributed wrongdoings to his "lack of awareness."Also, while showing his sympathies to the family 〓members of 737 Max crash victims who attended the hearing, Muilenburg only restricted his reflections to technical, instead of institutional, problems behind the accidents.An international panel of safety regulators reported this month that the FAA outsourced its reg

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ulatory tasks to Boeing employees for 737 Max's safety, and Boeing put "undue pressures" on its employees working on 737 Max certification.Asked about whether Boeing supported a new legislation on the oversight process, Muilenburg declined to give a clear backing. He rejected Boeing's "coziness with the FAA" when it comes to certification.On the contrary, Muilenburg boasted in his written testimony that when the 737 Max returns to service, it w

ill be one of the safest airplanes ever to fly.Boeing once suggested the 737 Max may return to service "in the fourth quarter" with a best estimate, which, however, appeared unlikely. The FAA said in a recent statement that there was no "prescribed timeline" for returning the Boeing 737 Max to passenger service.Muilenburg will testify on Wednesday before the U

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